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Norwich man kept in his home following community campaign

ACORN member, Emad, can breathe a sigh of relief as his eviction is cancelled following a community campaign!

As we previously reported, an attempt to evict a disabled man from his home of 13 years by Norwich City Council was met with strong resistance from Emad’s neighbours and fellow ACORN members.

As ACORN Norwich explain, “Norwich City Council did not recognise that his children were living with him, and considered the house as being ‘under-occupied’. Emad asked the council for help but experienced poor communication and no solution, only the threat of eviction. The stress of this nightmarish situation may have worsened his already fragile health.”

“ACORN Norwich organised members and the wider community, successfully preventing an eviction attempt on November 16th. This key victory was necessary to get the eventual outcome, not least because Emad gained custody of his son not long afterwards, something that likely would not have happened if we had allowed Norwich City Council to evict him.”

“We escalated our action in response to Emad’s situation, disrupting a Norwich City Council cabinet meeting, picketing the council building and engaging with the public to highlight the treatment of Emad’s family. Engagement from them was minimal, with them proceeding to take the case to High Court”

“But last week things changed, with Norwich City Council finally bowing to pressure and offering a renewal of the tenancy for Emad's family.”

“We stood together, and as a result, the family will stay in their home of 13 years! We are immensely proud of our members and delighted for Emad and his family.”

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