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Abolish No Fault Evictions!

The Renters Reform Bill finally came in front of the House of Commons for its report stage this week after months of delay from the Government.

This Bill represents a huge step forward for England’s 11 million renters - the biggest shake up of renting regulations in a generation. And we wouldn’t be here without years of work from the organised tenants movement.

But what should have been a day for celebration has been marred by the Government rolling back one of the key parts of the Bill. Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions are a leading cause of homelessness in this country, and 5 years ago the Tories made a commitment to abolish them in their election manifesto. 

Now, after lobbying from landlords and landlord MPs, this commitment to abolish Section 21 has been delayed indefinitely while reforms to the court process are made. This could take years. 

The bill also leaves wide open loopholes for landlords to exploit if they wanted to kick out a tenant for complaining, by saying they were selling the house or moving a family member in, with very little penalty for making this up!

It couldn’t be clearer that this is a government that is run by landlords, and for landlords. But that doesn’t mean we just need to sit back and let this happen. Landlords might have money and power, but when we’re united and organised together we can beat them. But we’ll need you to get involved in that fight!

Sign our petition today and let Michael Gove know that we’re not going to take this betrayal lying down. Tell him that Section 21 needs to be abolished immediately and that we won't rest until it is!

Will you sign?

To Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities of the United Kingdom,

I support abolishing Section 21 immediately:

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