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ACORN has groups and branches in over 20 towns and cities. Together in our thousands, we fight and win on the issues that affect our every day lives. Here are some of our biggest campaigns so far. 


Covid can’t defeat communities

Our community of thousands have stepped in where the Government failed. We organised hundreds of mutual aid groups and made sure thousands of vulnerable people got what they needed to survive. For as long as the pandemic continues, we will be in communities building local people-power - read more on our blog.


End evictions 

Week after week we defend ourselves and others from evictions by landlords and letting agents. We’ve kept hundreds of people in their homes. During the coronavirus pandemic, we demanded a ban on evictions and the Government put one in place. If you want to defend yourself and your community from unfair evictions, join us. 


Take back our buses

Private companies that run our bus routes have increased prices and decreased services. ACORN is campaigning to take back control of public transport in Greater Manchester, the Sheffield City Region and the West of England. By joining ACORN you can help us win affordable and regular transport. 


Landlord licensing now 

Thousands of us campaigned for local laws to keep check on landlords and won. There are now landlord licensing schemes in Bristol and Newcastle meanings tens of thousands of renters are better protected from dodgy landlords. We are campaigning for councils across the UK to follow suit. 


End letting fees

We campaigned for years to end unfair fees charged to tenants for no real reason and the government banned them. Unfortunately, some landlords and letting agents still try to charge them - we come together to report and defeat them.