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Press Releases & Reports

ACORN statement on 'British Homes for British Workers'

March 6th 2024

Under the slogan “British homes for British workers”, the Government is consulting on a series of reforms to social housing. In practice, these reforms wouldn’t change much at all and would make no noticeable difference to anybody on the housing waiting list. Read our response here...


Private Renters in England Survey: Safety, Security and Affordability

November 20th 2023

This report presents the results obtained from a survey conducted among 312 tenants, who shared their first-hand experiences of renting in the private rented sector (PRS) in England. This survey looks at various aspects of their rental experiences, such as the overall quality of private rented housing, its impact on tenants' health and well-being, instances of evictions, occurrences of discrimination, the effects of housing instability on family and community life, as well as considerations of affordability and accessibility.


Comment: Ignore Tory landlord rebels. Landlords aren’t selling up and we shouldn’t worry if they did.

May 22nd 2023

With the Renters' Reform Bill finally entering Parliament after years of waiting, ACORN's Head Organiser, Nick Ballard, deconstructs one of the arguments landlord activists, and some Tory MPs, are using against rental reform.


Private Renting Affordability Survey

August 3rd 2022

ACORN recently undertook this survey to quantify the problems that private renters are increasingly coming to us with surrounding affordability. Our survey looked at 6 key areas; rent increases within existing tenancies, displacement from a community due to high rents, tenants being encouraged to bid over the asking price for properties, prospective tenants being encouraged to pay several months in advance to secure a property, tenancy fees and tenancy deposits.


ACORN responds to release of rental reform White Paper

June 16th 2022

Rental Reform White Paper heralds major step forward for England’s renters
Today the Government has laid out long awaited plans for rental reform in England in the ‘Fairer Private Rented Sector White Paper,’ published this morning. Headline changes include the scrapping of Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions...


Experience of Private Renting Survey

February 3rd 2022

This report sets out findings from a survey completed by ACORN members collecting their experiences of renting over the last 5 years. The survey asked questions about experiences with disrepair and hazards, evictions, getting deposits back, and behaviour of landlords and letting agents. The survey also asked respondents whether they had reported issues to the relevant enforcement agencies and whether these agencies had helped them with their situation.