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Chip in to fund ACORN: a movement that will transform the UK forever


Millions of us in this country are struggling. The pandemic has only made this more obvious and more stark. 

But in just a few years ACORN has changed the lives of thousands of people struggling in unsafe and unsecure housing. We’ve built a movement of more than 10,000 people that fights and wins. We’ve defeated hundreds of landlords. We’ve defeated big banks - and there’s so much more to come. 

By chipping in to ACORN’s work, you can help us reach thousands more people and build an unstoppable movement to make the UK a fairer place for people like us. 


Where does your ACORN donation go? 


We believe the solution to our problems is power. We want to build power in our communities by organising on the issues that matter to real people - and winning. 

Your money will allow us to pay and hire more organisers based all over the UK. These organisers spend their days training, recruiting and empowering people so they can win battles for themselves. 

We believe working class and low-income people deserve the best in life. But the difference between ACORN and other organisations and charities - is that we plan to deliver it for ourselves. 

Donating to ACORN isn’t about a one-off act of charity. Donating to ACORN is about building real long term power for our communities. Be part of something incredible. Chip in today - just click the button below.