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Community mobilises to keep Norwich man in his home

Last week, Norwich City Council failed in their attempts to evict a disabled man, Emad, from his home as a result of a community protest.

Norwich City Council called off the eviction on the recommendation of the police, who upon seeing the strength of the gathered crowd, realised they didn't have the resources to support the eviction.
ACORN Norwich, friends of Emad, and Emad’s neighbours all turned out to support him and keep him in his home of 13 years. This has given Emad crucial time to provide evidence that he is not under-occupying the house, the reason that the council had given for the eviction. The council has informed us that they will not be pursuing further attempts to evict Emad at this time.
It shows that we do have the power to change things for the better in our neighbourhoods when we realise our strength, and by standing shoulder to shoulder with others in our community. You can be part of our movement, click here to join.

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