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Member Defence & Community Solidarity

Damp, dangerous and unhealthy living conditions, eviction if you dare complain or the landlord wants you out to raise the rent or for no reason at all, repairs not made, deposits and rent stolen; the problems faced by tenants are well known. While fighting for the structural changes we need to tackle these problems on a wider scale, ACORN will not stand by and let our members and communities be victimised and attacked.

Our Member Defence teams use peaceful direct action to confront bailiffs and landlords, stopping evictions and preventing homelessness and winning vital repairs  and money owed to our members.

Direct action and solidarity are the lifeblood of our union, and up and down the country we’re organising citizen activism on the community level; providing the support that people need to take back control of their lives, tackle their own problems and engage in grassroots community politics.

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