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Pages tagged "No Evictions"

Member Defence & Community Solidarity

Damp, dangerous and unhealthy living conditions, eviction if you dare complain or the landlord wants you out to raise the rent or for no reason at all, repairs not made, deposits and rent stolen; the problems faced by tenants are well known. While fighting for the structural changes we need to tackle these problems on a wider scale, ACORN will not stand by and let our members and communities be victimised and attacked.

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‘No Fault’ Evictions Scrapped

For years private tenants in England and Wales have been the most insecure in Europe due to Section 21 of the 1988 Housing Act that allows landlords to evict tenants for no reason and with just two months’ notice and facilitating revenge evictions in response to tenants asking for repairs. 

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No Universal Credit Evictions

As Universal Credit was being rolled out in 2018, many housing benefit recipients were seeing huge delays in receiving their payments leaving them in rent arrears and threatened with eviction.

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