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Win for Sharon!

Hillfields, Bristol resident Sharon has had freezing cold air coming into her home for over five years, worsening her health condition and her anxiety - especially facing bill increases this winter.

After years of getting nowhere with Bristol City Council, Sharon joined her community union ACORN, to push the council to take action. Hillfields ACORN members got together with Sharon to plan action.
Within days of sending our demands, we won:
✔️A professional inspection of the house by the council’s top housing specialist
✔️Updated insulation of the doors and windows
✔️Work scheduled to renew loft insulation
✔️Further inspections of defects to the wall insulation
A spokesperson for ACORN Bristol said: “We sent a demand letter, asking for a professional survey of the house, and that showed what needed to be done. In less than a week, the council have agreed to meet the demands and agreed to take the action to fix the house.”

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