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Warm home win for ACORN Bristol member

This week, ACORN Bristol has secured a win for member, Sharon!

Sharon, age 63, has been treated scandalously by Bristol City Council. For 8 years she’s had to deal with a draughty and freezing house, even having the radiators on full blast did nothing for the temperature.

Not only did this contribute to making her long-standing health conditions worse, but it left her increasingly cut off as her family and friends have been unable to come to stay or visit. Over the years, Sharon reported issues numberless times to the Council to try and resolve things the standard way - testimony to the council’s willingness to shirk responsibility and fail to look out for its people. 

So Sharon found ACORN and together we forced the council to take action.

Last year, ACORN members in Hillfields took action against the council to demand vital repairs and interventions. The council promised to deal with the problem but, despite carrying out some works, failed to deal with the issue fully and the cold continued. 

Fortunately, ACORN members don't give up that easily. After two years of struggle with BCC, they have finally committed to installing a temperature and humidity monitor next week which will give Sharon the evidence she needs to force them to solve the problem once and for all. 

The union also managed to facilitate getting Sharon some expert advice which has led to the council deciding to replace Sharon’s front door and other remedial work, with interventions in the pipeline.

“It’s been a real struggle, but ACORN members have been amazing”, Sharon says. “Without them standing by me all this time, this would never have happened. I feel like finally Bristol City Council are listening to me and committing to concrete action to solve the actual issue. There is no way I could have done this without everyone who’s been involved.” 

“What I’d love Bristol City Council to understand from all this”, Sharon adds, “is that behind all the numbers and costs are real people, human beings. I’ve been suffering for so long and it’s had such a big impact on my life. It shouldn’t have taken all this, but now, thanks to ACORN, I finally have some hope.”

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