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TSB Say Yes to DSS!

We celebrated ACORN’s 4th birthday in style in May 2018 with protests and occupations of branches of TSB across the country. members complained that TSB’s mortgage terms were preventing buy-to-let landlords from renting to benefits claimants, needlessly discriminating against some of the most vulnerable in society and fanning the flames of the housing crisis.

Apart from the obvious attack on our communities, ACORN members were outraged at the arrogance and hypocrisy of TSB’s position. Ten years before when the greed and irresponsibility of the banks plunged the global financial system into crisis TSB were happy to accept the biggest welfare hand-out in history – a £21 billion bailout. Now they were denying a home to people in receipt of a few pounds a week.

After protests and occupations at TSB branches in 7 cities, we forced the bank to drop the clause in another major win for private renters and claimants.

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