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People power keeps Coventry family in their home

Earlier this week, ACORN Coventry successfully resisted the eviction of our member Mandy and her family.

Their landlord, who owns over 40 properties in Coventry, issued a section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notice so he can sell up.

Mandy repeatedly asked the landlord to delay the eviction until they could find a new home to rent or the council could provide them one. However, instead he refused to negotiate and chose to try and throw them out of their home, putting them at risk of homelessness.

So 25 ACORN members, joined by local MP Zarah Sultana, gathered and took up positions around the house in Willenhall, successfully preventing the eviction from happening. 

We continue to call on the landlord to lay off of the eviction until our members can find a suitable home for their family.

Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions are a leading cause of homelessness. ACORN, along with others in the Renters Reform Coalition, has been fighting for an end to section 21 for years. 

The Government promised to ban them this year, but we need to make sure loopholes that will allow landlords to evict tenants ‘by the back door’ are closed. Sign up to here about updates to the campaign, and what you can do to help, here.

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