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ACORN members prevent two unjust evictions in Bristol

ACORN Bristol have successfully prevented multiple eviction attempts against member, George Francis, in March and April...

ACORN Bristol successfully prevented multiple eviction attempts from mortgage company Together against George Francis, co-director of Bridging Histories and the St Pauls Community Forum.

Despite being continually sent realistic, achievable repayment plans and requests to negotiate, Together sought to punitively evict Francis following a loan of around £30,000 taken by a family member.

Two eviction attempts were made in March and April 2023. The first, 21 March, saw over 25 ACORN members and the local community come together to blockade his property, with bailiffs arriving and immediately turning away.

The second, held on 4 April, saw even more ACORN members and community members – around 40 – arrived in support of Francis. Following the previous fortnight’s action, bailiffs declined to even turn up, and Together issued an early statement to ITV News that a representative would not be present.

ACORN’s campaign for Georges’ safety, security, and dignity against Together’s unjust actions continues. Although evictions are rapidly increasing, we can come together to fight back. You can get involved through this link.

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