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Brighton against benefits discrimination!

ACORN Brighton's 'End Housing Discrimination' campaign secures Council backing and promises from local lettings agents...

After Brighton and Hove City Council approved a motion for ending rent discrimination on June 22nd, following ACORN Brighton's campaign calling on them to clamp down on rogue landlords who wouldn't let to renters in receipt of benefits, on July 21st the branch visited dozens of lettings agencies across the city asking them to sign a pledge not to discriminate and as a warning to those who may consider ignoring this.

Our members presented copies of an open letter to Brighton landlords and agents, signed by Shelter, Citizens Advice (Brighton and Hove) and other local organisations and trade unions.

As a result of these actions, 8 lettings agents signed the pledge to say that they:

  •  Won't discriminate against renters on benefits
  •  Will rent out homes to renters on benefits

Naomi Gann, ACORN South East organiser, said: “We're pleased that these letting agencies signed ACORN's pledge, and we'll be waiting to see if they stick to it.

“Landlords and letting agencies have been able to get away with discriminatory practices for far too long, and this campaign has laid the groundwork for change at last.

“Our members will be revisiting those agencies that refuse to sign, and also making sure the council keeps its promise to crack down on housing discrimination and support tenants getting justice.

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