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ACORN Birmingham stop mum’s eviction over cost of living rent debt

This week ACORN Birmingham members came together and used our collective strength to prevent our member, Toksheen, and her 10 year old daughter being made homeless by their landlord. 


So many people are going through rent hikes during this cost of living crisis and as Toksheen’s case demonstrates, there is no thought of the impact this causes on families at the sharp end of this.

On Thursday 8th June, 20 ACORN members formed a barrier in front of their door in Quinton, Birmingham, to prevent bailiffs from entering. The bailiff, noted down our resistance before walking away. An emergency court order was granted at the 11th hour, giving the family a seven-day reprieve.

Jesse Winney, ACORN Birmingham member defence organiser said, "In this case the mum initially fell into arrears after her rent was raised way above what she could afford. It was increased by £175 a month (from £575 a month) which was well beyond the threshold of her housing benefit.

"We understand there was also some technical issue that meant her housing benefit was not being paid to the landlord for months. This has put her into arrears of nearly £3,000 including costs. She is in an incredibly desperate situation."


Our victory means Toksheen and her daughter are secure in their home for now but we are ready to support them, if the landlord and bailiffs come calling again.

Toksheen said, "It has been very stressful. I have tried to resolve the issue on my own but I am glad I now have good legal support. The help of ACORN has been incredible, they are like family now, helping me get advice and the help I needed."

This was a fantastic display of community solidarity, and shows that we have the power when we stick together. ACORN will continue to fight to make sure people don't lose their homes during the cost of living crisis - join us


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