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In it to bin it - Hillfields group launch

Residents of one corner of Bristol that ‘feels forgotten’ are getting organised and launching a fightback!

Last month, after weeks of knocking doors in the rain, having important conversations with neighbours, and getting together to share ideas, a community union was launched in Hillfields, Bristol!

The launch meeting was well attended and members got straight to work planning how to build power and make change in our community, with the launch of the first campaign - ‘Bin It Hillfields.’

Litter and dog poo are two long standing issues in the area, so residents are asking for more bins, bigger bins, more regular emptying, and fox-proof bins where possible.

Last week, members of ACORN Hillfields took their first action as part of this campaign. 

They waited for our local councillors to come and see us outside City Hall, but they never showed - so we left them our advent calendar full of pictures of litter and dog poo to open, plus a paper copy of our demands and a deadline to respond.

Check back for updates on the campaign. Read more about the Hillfields community, and the launch of an ACORN's newest group in this local news piece. You can sign the petition here.

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