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We’re in the middle of a housing crisis: unaffordable house prices, no social homes available, and a wild west private rental sector riddled with poor quality and unsafe homes, a lack of security and stability for renters, and rents that are spiralling out of control.

A good home is the fundamental for a happy and healthy life, but for far too many people in this country that isn’t the case right now.

That’s why ACORN - along with other organisations such as Generation Rent, New Economics Foundation, London Renters Union, Greater Manchester Tenants Union - have come together to produce the Renters Manifesto - a call to all political parties to commit to the bold changes needed to fix the housing crisis.

The Renters Manifesto sets out the steps needed to ensure that everybody has a secure, affordable and decent home. It covers five key themes: Security, Standards, Fairness, Affordability, and Housing for People, Not Profit.

In it, we call on politicians to commit to ensuring that public funding for housing is directed solely towards an ambitious council housing building program that delivers 3.1 million homes over 20 years. The manifesto proposes major improvements to private renting including rent controls, an end to no-fault evictions, open-ended tenancies, tougher action on landlords who leave homes with unsafe disrepair, tenancy reforms and bringing privately owned homes into public ownership, among other measures. 

You can read the full Renters Manifesto here.

Click here to see our model motion for Trade Union branches to support the Renters Manifesto.