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Pages tagged "Democratic Engagement"

Renters Vote 2017

Private renters are much less likely to have their voices heard in elections than homeowners and other tenants. The high levels of insecurity, with tenants often facing eviction multiple times a year means that renters fall off the electoral register, especially with recent changes to the system or simply don’t bother to register because they may not be in the same area next time an election comes around. 

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Big Housing Conversations

Responding to the demands of Bristol renters organised by ACORN and the overall housing crisis facing the city, we were invited by Mayor Marvin Rees to partner with the Council in the delivery of these historic renters forums and help shape local housing policy. 

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Bristol Needs A Mayor for Homes

Heading into the 2016 Mayoral election, a response to the housing crisis was top of the agenda. This was in large part to the campaigning efforts of ACORN members for the previous two years in which we used direct action to stop revenge evictions, win repairs and deposit repayments, halted the auctioning off of council housing and stood behind our Ethical Lettings Charter. We put the city on notice that any politician wanting to be taken seriously had to engage with us and the issues affecting our members.

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