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Diagram showing the national structure of ACORN


The membership decides ACORN policies and campaigns. It is a three-tier national structure, with local groups, district branches and two national level decision making bodies (the National Strategy Group and the Board). The members National Conference is the supreme policy making body. 

Local Groups

The basic unit in ACORN is the Local Group.  Each group is organised “from scratch” beginning with an Organising Committee that takes responsibility for researching and developing issues, recruiting their neighbours through door knocking and leafleting.  

District Branches

ACORN members in a town/city coordinate their work through a District Branch. The District holds an ‘all member’ meeting every quarter to vote on campaigns and elect individuals. Every month where there isn’t a quarterly meeting, members meet to plan campaigns or hold training sessions etc. 

The District Branch Committee meets monthly to plan meetings, actions and campaigns. A committee comprises of:

  • Secretary 
  • Chair / Co-Chair
  • Membership Officer 
  • Communications Officer
  • Treasurer
  • Local Group Delegates 

National Board

Each Region with one active District Branch or more will have two seats to elect for the National Board. This is the governance level of the organisation. The Board elects officers including a Chair, Co-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. 

National Strategy Group

This body makes day-to-day strategic decisions in line with the decisions of the National Conference, where national policy is concerned. It is comprised of Directors plus Branch Secretaries and is coordinated by the Head Organiser. While the entire National Strategy Group meets several times annually, regional representatives within the group are also elected to an Executive Committee within this body, which meets more frequently.


ACORN staff organisers and other staff work under the direction of a Head Organiser, responsible for managing and coordinating the daily operations of the organisation. The Head Organiser is hired by, works with and is accountable to, the National Board. Organisers can neither vote nor hold elected office in the organisation. The National Organisers manage the field operation: Community Organisers, Field Organisers, and Member Defence Coordinators all work under the supervision of a National Organiser. These listed staff support the District Branch Committee, build ACORN Local Groups, and manage member defence work within a city. The National Organisers and Remote Organisers also work to support emerging member-organised (i.e. non-staffed) Local Groups and District Branches.