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Fight for a rent reduction

As more people in our communities lose income and the economic effects of COVID-19 become more entrenched, fighting for rent reductions and waivers becomes even more important.

We can’t leave it up to the goodwill of individual landlords, and that’s where ACORN comes in.

We’ve won thousands of pounds in reductions and waivers for renters across the country already and we’re fighting for our members to stay in their homes and stay out of debt. 

Access a template letter you can use to fight for a rent reduction or waiver.


We’ve opened up some of our resources to non-members during COVID-19 – If you’re not a member, you can join here.

Access ACORN’s template rent reduction/waiver letter for non-members:


If you’re a dues-paying member of one of the listed branches, email them and say you want to fight for a rent reduction. A member of the branch will contact you with a template letter and will be on hand if you need to escalate beyond a letter.

If you are a member and are not in any of the above branches or groups, please use the standard template letter.