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£7.2 million in cost-of-living support secured for 30,000 Norfolk families!

We are thrilled to announce a significant victory for the 'End Holiday Hunger' campaign for ACORN Norwich, as 30,000 families across Norfolk will continue to receive food vouchers in the holidays.

In late February, after almost a year of campaigning, Norfolk County Council leader Andrew Proctor has confirmed that the vouchers, given to children on free school meals as part of the Norfolk Assistance Scheme, will continue for another 12 months into April 2024.

Due to this pressure, Norfolk County Council have since announced £7.2 million for cost-of-living support for around 30,000 families by providing those on low incomes with vouchers of £15 per child each month, plus an additional £30 in the summer and in December.

This news is a huge win for families in Norwich and across the county, who have been struggling with the rising cost of living expenses. 

The extension of the cost of living vouchers is a result of a series of actions carried out by ACORN Norwich members and families over several months, as well as our vocal campaign across the media. 

Ewan Milne, chair of ACORN Norwich, who spoke directly with Andrew Proctor said, "We are thrilled to have achieved this campaign victory thanks to the support of our community, our members and parents across Norfolk. This win once again proves that joining together with your neighbours and friends is the only way we can help one another through this cost of living crisis."


Children in Norfolk are still more vulnerable than many others elsewhere in the UK and we will continue to organise our community to win more of everyone in our community.

This victory is proof that when communities come together and use their collective power, they can achieve significant change. ACORN Norwich will continue to work to empower communities and fight for working-class families in Norfolk!

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