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ACORN Bristol Council Tax Reduction - The People's Scrutiny part 3

  • In December the council will be deciding whether to keep or cut the council tax benefit, a vital lifeline for 23000 families across Bristol.
  • On 3 key dates, we need ACORN members to turn up to public council meetings with placards and ACORN t-shirts. We plan to present statements and questions in the public section of the meeting, advocating for the vital importance of maintaining this benefit, and sit in the meeting from the public gallery, making it clear to councillors that their decisions in the council hall are being carefully scrutinised by the public.
  • For this final Full Council meeting, we'll also invite councillors to meet members beforehand in the foyer, so that we can talk to them before they go into vote.
  • This is part 3 of 3
December 12, 2023 at 1:00pm - 4pm
City Hall
Sam Kidel ·

Will you come?